To provide highly competent, cost effective and expedient metallurgical services to gas/steam turbine users, power plant operators, oil and gas companies for their metallurgical, failure analysis and materials qualification requirements.

Our engineers are experts in turbine hot section, HEP and boiler metallurgy, degradation mechanism, failure analysis, remaining life assessment and to provide technical services  including:  

High energy piping management
• Boiler metallurgy and corrosion prevention
• Failure analysis of gas and steam turbines components
• Degradation mechanism and remaining life assessment
• TBC and bond coat evaluation
• P91 and P92 alloys metallurgy, welding and degradation mechanism
• Development of welding procedures
• Customized training and short courses

For further information contact us:

 Mississauga, ON Canada, L5M 0A7, email: info@hrkmet.com

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